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Fees, Guarantees & Options

Fees, Guarantees & Options


Fees & Guarantee

Our fees are based on the type of search performed and are always paid by the employer, never the candidate.

Most fees are based on a percentage of the first year base salary upon placment.

We provide a 100% guarantee if the employee resigns or is terminated for cause within 90 days of hire.


Search Options

Contingent Search: Client pays 100% of the fee upon successful completion of the search. Client may engage other agencies in the search. 

Exclusive Search: Client may pursue its own internal recruiting efforts, but agrees not to engage other agencies in the search for a designated, mutually agreed upon period of time. Client pays 100% of the fee upon successful completion of the search.

Retained Search: Client pays 1/3 of the fee at commencement of the search, 1/3 at a set interval and the balance upon successful completion.

Contract & Temporary Placement: Client pays an hourly rate for professional employees contracted for a specified period of time. The contractor is officially an employee of our affiliate, who assumes responsibility for all statutory benefits.